Our Services

Our Services

Professional Forest Engineering

Celtic Engineering designs systems and structures for the forestry industry. We can specify and design structures and systems for use in the natural forest environment as well as those for factory settings.

Environmental Monitoring

Our team is fully trained and certified to provide environmental monitoring services which include erosion and sediment control druing and after the building of projects.

Environmental Management

Ensuring that your project is compliant in all areas of the environment is easier if a dedicated team is assigned to the job. Let Celtic Engineering manage your environmental needs.

Professional Structural Engineering

Celtic Engineering analyze, research, plan and design structural components for industry, residential and government structures. Our focus is on safety, technical and environmental concerns.

Site Surveying & Mapping Services

Celtic Engineering specializes in site survey and mapping services. Our Team can create comprehensive surveys and maps using the latest technologies.

Project Management

Celtic Engineering is the company to call for your project management needs. Our team can help plan, design and implement your project from start to finish, leaving you to manage your bottom-line.

Construction Services

Celtic Engineering provides full engineering services for the planning, specifying and building of roads, bridges, foundations and retaining walls.

RoadEngĀ® Design

Planning and designing forest operations is a delicate operation. With our specialized software tools plus our qualified team, Celtic Engineering can help create compliant maps and charts for your project.